The workshop that turns overworked 6-figure entrepreneurs into accomplished 7-figure CEOs

Generating online sales of $10K or even $100K is easy...

To ensure sustained business growth, you need systems tailored to your reality, experienced employees and leadership.

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During this workshop, I will reveal everything!

The architecture of an online business

Do you know what a 7-figure online business really consists of? What systems are behind all these funnels?

The ideal team and collaborators

Do you know what team you need to have in place to grow your business without going overboard?

The most effective customer acquisition strategies

Do you really know how to build an empire, with clients you love to work with—clients who stay and buy everything you sell?

Online sales are exploding, in the context of COVID-19.

Discover the 5 steps to finally exceed 100K/month and let your business work for you!!

The entire world is shifting toward digital business. This is why it is essential to be equipped to achieve sustainable growth in the coming year.

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Are you tired...?

... of having to manage everything yourself?

… of scrambling to find clients?

… of moving heaven and earth to be paid?

How long has it been since you took a real vacation?

How do you go from "the person who does everything him or herself" to the free and accomplished entrepreneur?

“I gained a lot more than just knowledge of the business world from Dominique Fraser. My success stems from the support I have received and continue to receive from her. Other than my wife and my daughter, there is no one else but Dominique who believes so much in my talent and encourages me to surpass myself."

Adam Vaughan
Founder of Eh Vee Designs

“There is always some hesitation when investing our time in web-based training and workshops. In the case of Dominique Fraser, 'what you see is what you get AND MORE'."

Isabelle Vaillancourt
Business System Lead and Photographer

“I never realized how all my knowledge and expertise combined could give me such power. I now offer high-end retreats to high-quality clients. My job is no longer a job; it's a pleasure!"

Suzanne Boisvert
Mentor and Efficiency Strategist

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Who is Dominique Fraser?

Meet Dominique Fraser, an internationally recognized change agent, business mentor and digital success strategist.

In 2010, Dominique Fraser founded an online school independently from her company, which enabled her to double her sales figures in just a few months; even today, her online school has brought her passive income.

Through this initiative, Dominique Fraser has completely revolutionized her field of expertise and elevated her company to the rank of internationally renowned innovator of change.

Her achievements have been appreciated by companies, such as Moët & Chandon, Audi, Disney and Giorgio Armani.

Today, she is the founder of Sublim Business, an online school that guides seasoned entrepreneurs who want to turn their greatest assets into a successful business and realize their full potential as leaders in their industry.


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